A Life in the Day / Journalism

When sex pays for one’s living



By Konstantinos Koulocheris.

Katrina M., 27 narrates her life in a day as a professional London Escort-girl.    

My day starts around 10  in the morning, when I get myself out of the bed. First task is to have a shower , which I consider to be the most important part of my morning. Then I get myself a huge bowl of cereals, dry red fruits and yogurt. That is my usual breakfast. I follow a specific diet in order to keep my body balanced. I consider it to be a crucial part of my business-as much as hygiene is. For example, if I get skinnier, I will lose the African regulars and if I put up on weight, I will certainly lose the white regulars (laughs).

In general, I don’t really like mornings and I can’t understand those who like them. Until the time I will get to the shower I am like a robot – everything rolls on auto-pilot mode. A huge cup of tea with the breakfast should be considered as the reference point of being completely awake.

Most mornings I do my house-keeping, in order to keep my flat clean. I usually turn on the radio and start cleaning, taking care of the laundry and keeping the place tidy in general.  Afterwards, I will call my mum just to say a ‘good-morning’ and see how she is doing. She knows what I am doing for a living and it took a long while for her to accept it. She is probably the closest person I have in my life.

The first phone-call by my agency comes around the noon. That’s the point when I get myself informed regarding day’s schedule. I work only during week-days and on the early shift, I might have to take care of a couple of clients – each appointment lasts for forty-five minutes to one hour maximum. There is always a gap of one hour between the end of an appointment and the next one. Normally, I will host the first client around 2 in the afternoon. I strictly don’t go to others’ places before evening and I don’t accept clients if there is not at least a one-hour-notice upfront.

When the first client arrives there is always a tension – more like a slight stress from both sides. It is common that  the client gets uncomfortable when he enters a place he is not familiar with. I can see it in the face expressions. When it comes to me, even though I am in the industry  for a few years, it still happens to me. From time to time, I get the butterflies in my stomach. I don’t really mind this feeling as I find it romantic and exciting.

On regular occasions, I have a break around 4 pm. That is a part of the day when I get myself some free time. This might include a cup of coffee with friends or a walk in my favorite spot in London, which is Regent’s Park. Most of times I go there for jogging – a moment of calm.  Even if I am really looking forward to travel and explore the world, there times that London makes me feel fine with myself.  Simply because there are so many things to do. I come from Budapest and despite the similarities between the two, I never had such a feeling when I get back   home. It is different.

Around 8 in the evening I am getting back to action. The clientele during the night shift differs according to social status, profession and more…

It is probably for me the most valuable part of my work as I get in touch with interesting high-class people as their escort. Cultural events, adult parties,  dinners in posh restaurants. All of this is just a brief sample of whats going on. Strictly I avoid drinking alcohol at work and I also don’t do drugs as it is unprofessional. That doesn’t mean that I am not enjoying myself. Of course in some cases things can go wrong and then you have to be calm and ready to deal with them.

Last year I was escorting a middle aged gentleman from Ireland to a dinner party and after we went to his hotel room. He followed the ‘ritual’ and he was typical until the time I noticed that he was after video-taping us while we were having sex. I refused – never want to see myself on a porn website – and he became aggressive. I had to run away.

People might think that prostitution is something bad, pathetic and escort-girls are desperate for easy cash. This is not the whole story – not any more. Of course there are girls in the industry that are victims, but not that many as it used to be, especially in London. I really stand against human trafficking anyway. Even though, the times have changed and nowadays prostitution can be safe. That came mainly as a result of the internet’s involvement in the industry. Nowadays a prostitute does not have to be under the control of an agency in order to get clients as she can advertise herself online.

I like sex. I also like money and this job makes me feel independent, plus, I interact with people. I started this job when I was an undergraduate student, here in London. I finished my Bachelor degree on Psychology but I found it hard to survive financially as my family couldn’t really support me. Even if I do like the subject of my degree, it wasn’t easy for me to find a job. Being an escort gave me the financial stability to be independent and capable of covering my needs. Hence I am happy with it at the moment. Of course I am aware that I won’t stay in the industry for long – probably before my 30’s, I will retire in order to focus on something else. I would love to have a family later, why not?

My day usually ends around 1 in the morning. It is the time when I get back home and relax. A hot shower and a glass of rose wine will lead me to my bed where I will get lost in the shoulders of Morpheus…


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