Myspace: the (musical) comeback

Screen Shot 2013-02-12 at 13 31 08By Thea Softing

The title says it all: New Myspace. Yes, it actually includes the word new. Most Internet users probably consider Myspace a 90’s social media phenomenon which was a starting point for bigger and better things such as Facebook and Google +. But, with a design revamp, a new companyface (musician and actor Justin Timberlake, who ironically played the creator of Napster in The Social Network) and an emphasis on musical innovation, Myspace is back!

It starts with a simple registration, even allowing me to link my account to Facebook and Twitter, thumbs up! The next step becomes more complex, as I can choose “which options I identity most with,” the answers including musician, photographer, designer and fan. I go with designer, wondering if this could boost my web design career. Next, “tell us about yourself,” maximum 150 lines. Hello, Twitter? A profile picture and checked option to have a public profile and BOOM! I am up and running on the New Myspace.

Confusion is my first reaction as I start clicking around my profile. Can I add friends? What’s this music thing at the bottom? What are “mixes”? As these thoughts run through my head I’m taking in the very simplistic design: gray and a little darker gray, dominated by a typical sans serif font, and it scrolls sideways! The sideways scroll is actually a refreshing component, and while browsing through upcoming musicians, nightclubs and students located in London I’m intrigued by the way the site is set up. I can choose to connect to the artists (or places/publications/anything else) I want, write 150-word maximum statuses and share anyone’s videos on my page. I can even add songs and playlists to my own music player at the bottom! It’s straightforward and a great way to discover anything new, the title of the site is in fact very relevant.

Before I know it, I realise I’ve been browsing the site for over an hour, watching full screen backstage videos of concerts and listening to experimental house melodies recommended for me. It’s a different type of social media than Facebook, it’s not the place you want to plan birthday events or connect with old friends. It’s the place you go when your creative soul wants to come out and play, where you stumble upon your new favorite genre and share anything new you’ve created, be it music or photos. New Myspace won’t be taking over for Spotify or Youtube anytime soon, but boosting new careers and promoting clubs will help the site gain popularity. As an impatient person, Myspace has gotten my attention, and it’s definitely become my go-to site to explore, listen and enjoy the simplistic yet  revolutionary design (remember to try the search function!)


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