The Lucky Chip at The Player Bar – Where the burgers are mini but the taste is big!

burgerBy Simon Franklin

Located in the heart of Soho, down a dimly lit set of stairs lies behind a shady door is The Player Bar, in which the lucky chip resides whom provide the often-claimed ‘best burgers in London’. Obviously, as a man who considers himself a connoisseur of burgers, I was obliged to test them with my eager taste buds.

The bar itself is a very small, but trendy little basement dwelling. The décor is a tad surreal with an eclectic series of wall mounts including TVs with old shows playing, pop art and a giant moose heading taking centre of attention. The whole vibe of the establishment oozed coolness, but downfalls were that the table we were seated at was far too low to be comfortable and the music cranked up so much it was a struggle to hear my date who was right in front of me. However, a rush of the feeling of a kid at Christmas came over me when I perused the menu.

The dinner menu was fairly limited consisting of American diner cuisine but with a generous splash of extravagance. We ordered our appetiser, which was the lady’s choice and decided on a portion on mac n’ cheese made up of five, yes five cheeses topped with truffle. The service was quick, and it arrived in less than ten minutes but alas was utterly demolished in what seemed like two minutes. This dish is definitely for the cheese fiends out there; the cheeses blended perfectly and created a superb creamy, rich taste and the truffle sprinkled on top provided a crunchy bite to every forkful. After finishing that, we eagerly went back to the menu to order what we were there for, slider burgers! For £10 you get a choice of two sliders plus a portion of French fries, the difficult bit came to choosing which to go for. After quite some time of umming and ahhing I came to my decision of firstly the Pulled Pork Burger, with spicy coleslaw and pickles and next the Texas BBQ Burger with a beef patty, onion ring, aioli and BBQ sauce.

Thankfully, our food arrived quickly as I was watering at the mouth at the thought of them and which was rightfully so. On the tray were two mini burgers and a small portion of fries on the side. First I tackled the pulled pork, which was divine. Prepare to get messy with this one, as you bite into the tender meat which drips onto the tray. It’s accompanied by the spicy coleslaw which tops it off wonderfully. The soft bun is made in house, which clinched the burger as a winner. Four loving bites into it and it was gone, on to the next slider. The Texas BBQ was equally as decadent, with the beefy patty juicy and gorgeous sauce. The fries were a little crispy, which was a shame and there could of be a larger portion to justify the price of the dish.

Overall, the Lucky Chip is most probably one of the best burger makers in the city, with a mouth watering selection of some of the most tastiest but smallest burgers you will ever come across, I was left only imagining, what if they were bigger?!



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