TfL Takes a Journey Towards Complete Commuter Satisfaction

Image courtesy of Detanan /

Image courtesy of Detanan / FreeDigitalPhotos.netBy Jennifer Igiri

By Jennifer Igiri

Transport for London’s proposed service improvements on the Underground, including a 24-hour weekend tube service, will take effect in 2015.

According to TfL press officer Tony Snow, the introduction of the 24-hour tube will be gradual. Its aim is to accommodate for London’s vibrant nightlife, and for the rapidly increasing population of 8.4 million. By the end of 2014 better Wi-Fi coverage and connectivity is being promised, as well as reduced peak-time congestion- thanks to more trains per hour. These vital improvements ensure less platform congestion and the capacity for more people to travel with fewer delays – without fear of becoming ‘stranded’ after a night out.

Nonetheless, enabling the public to travel at any and every time could evoke greater risks of crime. With carriages and stations primarily empty at 4am, lone travelers and ‘fully tech equipped’ TfL staff are potentially in more danger on the trains and platforms.

To afford all these necessary developments, TfL are snatching 750 of their staff’s jobs. The press release claims that “more staff will be visible at stations”, but how will this be possible with fewer staff around and longer hours to work? Tony Snow states that “less money is being given to public sectors to improve their services”, and “staff won’t be forced into redundancy”. He then redirected the conversation onto reiterating the wonderful improvements TfL seek to make.

Overall the improvements sound promising and we anticipate a smoother tube service in the next few years.


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