Students’ campaign turns Middlesex University into ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ studio


By Tina Marie Schmechel

Freshers at Middlesex University are working together with the non-profit organization ‘Bite the Ballot’ to develop a national promotion campaign. The planning for the filming began yesterday.

In February this year, the lecture rooms at Middlesex University will be turned into a ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ studio. Media students at Middlesex University are supporting ‘Bite the Ballot’, an organization that aims at engaging more young people to register to vote.

With the support and help of their tutor, Ben Little, several videos will be produced and since they should aim at reaching young people, an entertaining and modern concept was needed and so the team decided on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’. Or, as it was renamed by the students: ‘Britain’s Got Issues’, a political parody of the well-known show. Instead of singers or magicians, it will showcase various political issues – such as education, health or transport – as contestants and have the judges as members of parliament.

According to ‘Bite the Ballot’, not even half of young people in Britain are registered to vote, which leads to them being largely ignored by politicians. Therefore, the organization’s main goal is to re-brand politics to make it appealing to young people and get an additional half a million 18 to 24 year olds voting in 2015.

Since November last year, the students work collaboratively on this project. Shannah Janjetich, a nineteen year old student from Crawley who takes part in the campaign, said: “It is not about who you vote for. Just by being on the electoral register we can change something and even if this change does not happen in the near future, our work might make a difference later on.”


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