Cambridge, Oxford and… Middlesex!


By Mina Madeleine Nystuen

The leading civil rights activist, Reverend Jesse Jackson (71), cried out to over 700 guests at Middlesex University in Hendon about positive access, ambition and the importance of young people engaging in to politics. This event was a part of a three-university tour of the UK related to the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech “I have a dream”.

Along with Middlesex, he had visited Cambridge and Oxford. He assured the students they could become anything even though they didn’t have a degree from Oxbridge while praising the diversity at Middlesex.

“He didn’t come from Harvard or from Yale! He came from Clark College. He came from Middlesex! Not Oxford, he came from Middlesex!” talking about a man with high achievements to an applause from the audience.

“One of you in your mind can have the cure for cancer or the passion to find drinkable water for everybody. Who knows, within this place, there could be the key to world peace? It can happen”  Reverend Jackson said while the many students and tutors listened with enthusiasm.  He used his well-known phrase “I am somebody” and spoke with passion about being good enough.

Reverend Jackson is the founder and president of the Rainbow Push Coalition and known for working with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in the Civil Rights Movement. He is also acknowledged for making it possible for Barack Obama to be president.


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