Broadcasting Today

Want Vloggers Covering Breaking News


By Mina Madeleine Nystuen

The London Live launch director, Jane Mote, visited professor Kurt Barling at Middlesex University to chat about the new local TV-show launching in 2014. Mote claims that they weekly will use vloggers own contributions to the local society even though she establishes that London isn’t local.

“I think there needs to be a lot more trust on what people are saying on the ground and what they really know.”

Barling points out that it might be risk-taking, which Mote doesn’t see as a problem.

“Broadcast’s got to take risks. They’re the guidelines, not the rule books. We will fail at things, but we’ll learn from it and move on.”

She claims that she will use these vloggers when big news breaks in their area. When Barling again mention the risk-word, she answers clearly.

“What’s risky about it? I don’t understand why it’s risky” She establish that they will get to know these vloggers and she will regard them as trust-worthy but they will be genuine.

“We want to be honest. If people are not trained journalists, we’ll say so.” While she claims the vlogger will get recognition if they’re holding the fort.

Mote is also looking for a new name for “Vlogger”, so if you have one in store you can win the amount of a hundred pound.

“London Live” is the first 24 hour channel devoted to London. It launches in spring 2014, mainly focusing on entertainment.

The term “Vlog” is used when describing a video log and therefore a “Vlogger” when you regularly post video logs.


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