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How I live now, film review: A very exciting, but sad love story.

Director Kevin Macdonald; Starring Saoirse Ronan, Harley Bird, George Mackey, 101 min

Director Kevin Macdonald; Starring Saoirse Ronan, Harley Bird, George Mackey, 101 min

By Kate Zaiceva

“Love will lead you home” – this is the slogan of the film. And this is exactly what the story is about.

Near Future, fifteen-year-old Daisy came from New York to London to visit her aunt and cousins. Suddenly she falls in love with her oldest cousin Eddie. However, there was a war, 3rd World War.

In spite the expectations that you will see a teenager’s first love story, this movie surprises with the presence of action. We see teenagers having fun over the summer holidays, when a 3rd World War hits. Suddenly, all the colours fade and it starts to snow. Absolutely chaotic and messy evacuation of the population, all the men and boys are called to war, families are separated. There it comes, their turn too. And that was the most emotional and strong moment, when George’s character Eddie says to Daisy: “Wherever they take you, try to return here. Promise me.” This is where the story of survival and fighting begins.

Daisy was left alone with her youngest cousin Piper. A fifteen-year-old girl starts to take care of her cousin with an amazing responsibility. On the way to their mutual happiness they face a lot of challenges – foster parents, hard work in the fields, marauding, death, blood, assault, hunger, thirst, and all the negative things that you can possibly think of. However, all these challenges are just the barriers on the way back home. It seems like these two young girls can overcome everything just because they are led by love.

In the end, Piper, Daisy and Eddie come together. Although they have lost their brother Isaac, and their close friend Joe was killed. As soon as they meet each other again, all of a sudden, war stops too. The infants try to start everything from the beginning, but Eddies has changed. The War changed him, he is not talking, lives in his own world. However, Daisy’s love and patience will bring him back to a normal life.

Few things confused me, though. First of all, the fact that Daisy is falling in love with her cousin, her relative. They fall in love and they have their first sex together. This made me think of propaganda of incest. Therefore, gave me a feeling of disgust and objection. Secondly, the War finished as suddenly, as it has started. I could not figure out who are these enemies and what they are fighting for. Lastly, the location supposed to be London. However, I did not see a sight of it. It is just an ordinary house somewhere in countryside.

Despite few controversial moments, overall, it was a very good film with a happy ending. Is not it the most import thing? Amazing soundtrack and music, it just gives you a right emotion at the right time and keeps you watching it until the last second. Can make you tear up. So, please, make sure you have tissues next to you.


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