Fabulous Fashionistas at WOW Festival 2014

By Csilla T. Kulscar

In March 2014 a number of Middlesex Journalism students were offered the opportunity to blog for the Women of the World Festival at Southbank Centre.

Below is an example of one such article, reblogged from Csilla’s personal blog.

A story for everybody

Fabulous Fashionistas

Women of the World Festival 2014

Bridget, Sue and Daphne from Fabuous Fashionistas


  • Bridget Sojourner
  • Daphne Selfe
  • Sue Kreitzman
  • producer Sue Borne
  • event chaired by Ruth Pitt, television producer, journalist and writer

As I am making my way in to this talk, I hear my friend saying: ” This will be so awesome!” and I smile questioningly.  Every seat is taken, so we decide to sit on the floor near the first row so we could get the best view for what was about to change my perspective on life.

As the ladies take their seat, I am mesmerized by their looks: even though their age was noticeable, the charisma and their posture was incredibly positive and mesmerizing!

After the play of a short clip in which the documentary Fabulous Fashionista is introduced, Ruth Pitt starts off by addressing to the speakers about how is it to be old and living the life fully?

The ladies…

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