By Al’Daira Hill


Surviving in a new area


Being a new resident to Hendon, I found it hard to find my around. I was getting frustrated looking for simple places like the bank and the post office.  If you’re new to Hendon, don’t fear here are my top lifesaving and most helpful stores that will get you through your first week in Hendon. And In no time, you will be calling yourself a local.

P Foods

P foods, looks like an ordinary corner store, it sells everyday items and it sells them at a low price. But what makes this corner store so amazing is that it is open 24/7. If like me, you’re coming from an area where stores close at five pm, then P Foods is a life saver indeed.



HendonBagelBakery Hendon Bagel Bakery

This is hands down the best bakery in North London.  It sells traditional breads to sweet jam filled pastries. I visited here on my first day in Hendon and sampled a tuna and mayo bagel, five stars all the way.




Pound Plus

This store sells everything and when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING. I discovered this store when I realized I didn’t bring shampoo or a brush with me to university. I was surprised to find that this store had every type of shampoo and hair brush that I needed, among other things.



 Hendon Dry Cleaners

If like me, you’re a student, then washing your clothes can be a chore. Detergents, softeners, pushing the right buttons then drying all sounds like a bunch of fuss. Make your way to this laundry matte for fresh clean undies.



All of these stores are five minutes’ walk from Middlesex University and are all low cost. Go and explore Hendon, you never know what you will find.


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