A Few Words About Hendon

By Sam Lachter

As I shuffle past the vast array of Turkish Cuisines and Bagel Bakeries that inhibit Hendon’s busy streets, I find myself rather in my element. I tend to know my way around most parts of London by recognising Kebab Houses that I have regrettably visited in the past, so I am currently facing an ever increasing battle with my will power on my daily walk to and from Uni.

Aside from Hendon’s many culinary delights, the place is a real cosmopolitan hub with a plethora of different people and cultures meandering about the neighbourhood. This gives the area a pretty cool vibe.

Hendon Quadrant © David Howard (flickr)

Hendon Quadrant © David Howard (flickr)

The one downside to this cultural, food craving suburb is the parking. Finding a parking spot in Hendon is like jogging – really annoying.  I should probably be honest with you now and admit that analogies have never really been my thing. However, if you do ever manage to find a parking space, a lively pub to visit in the area is the Claddagh Ring. Live sport and cheap drinks make this haunt a good shout to drop by and frequent with friends. It’s also got a green exterior but I’m not too sure that is really very relevant. Realising that I am now possibly sounding like a rep for the Claddagh Ring, there are also a few other spots to visit. Well, I say a few; there is one other place to visit. The Bell Lane Café is a good spot to hit when you are feeling slightly worse for wear after a heavy night out and they will serve you up a fitting full English breakfast on a dreary Sunday morning, if that is your kind of thing. This isn’t a company requirement though as far as I know and they will still serve you tasty sandwiches throughout the week, even if you are feeling perfectly fine.

The Claddagh Ring, Hendon © Ewan Munro (Flickr)

The Claddagh Ring, Hendon © Ewan Munro (Flickr)


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