My Last Year in Hendon

By Tyrell Williams

Dear Hendon,

The years have been rather good to us, I am certain you would agree but now as we are at the end of our journey, I am forced into a deep nostalgia; reflecting upon an up and down rollercoaster.

When I first visited you Hendon, it was to spend time with Middlesex University; to enrol in fact. I thought you personally considerate as after stepping outside the tube station, directions to the university were ubiquitous. This implied to me that you were going to look after me for the three years I would be remaining here to study. However these initial assumptions were soon destroyed as after a lengthy commute via the tube, I was literally presented with a hill to climb in order to reach the university. Nonetheless, I languished up the hill, enrolled and underwent my first year at Middlesex University. Mind you, my first day was pretty reflective to that of my first year. I would sojourn, immediately commuting back home once lessons were done, not exploring you perhaps in the way I should have.

In stark contrast, during our second year together, I really got to know you well. I would drive, allowing me to access you in your full capacity. It was at this time when I discovered your selfish and pedantic qualities evidenced through your unreasonable parking restrictions. I also gathered that places to dine were few and far between. At times I had to commute to your neighbour, Mr Brent Cross in order to find satisfactory food. Enticed by the variety and quality of food, I would then subsequently spend hours there exploring the shopping centre, guiltily betraying you. Having said this, those enjoyable moments where I am in your company, I have been introduced to amazing people for which I am truly grateful.

Now it is my last year with you Hendon and all I can think to myself is: where has time gone? Hendon, as someone who has grown to admire you, please accept my friendly advice when I say: be open minded to students parking where they please, try and get a shopping centre of your own to embellish the area and come up with some better places to eat. And though my disappointment may appear to subvert my happiness, I can reveal this is just a false pretence for there has been more ups, than downs and it has truly been a pleasure.

Yours Sincerely

Tyrell Williams


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