My last year in Hendon

By Tala Sweiss

As the first day of classes started in early October, the prospect of making new memories in my final year was bittersweet. I felt a sense of pride when I arrived at Hendon Station as I had noticed that new signs had been erected at the station showcasing Middlesex University; I felt that I was instantly ‘welcomed back home’.


Middlesex University sign at Hendon Station.

Middlesex University sign at Hendon Station.


Embarking on my final year at university is a period in my life which is supposed to be memorable, but I believe people might underestimate the amount of work involved. The dedication and effort you give is automatically tripled if you want to attain the best grades. The weight on my shoulders is heavy, but I know from the past two years at Middlesex that there is no greater feeling than the relief I experience when I submit a piece of work that I am proud of. I have achieved a lot as a journalist during my time here, opportunities that I would not have otherwise had. I am grateful for the ways in which attending university has enabled me to look at life from a different perspective, particularly when it comes to future goals and employment.


Grove Park Middlesex University Campus

Finding a moment of peace, I decided to sit on the benches in the field next to The Grove. Having been so caught up in work last year, I realised that I never had the chance to enjoy the beauty of nature surrounding me until then. As I reflect on the past two years and the decisions to be made in this last year, my emotions are both a mixture of sadness and anticipation. A key lesson that I have learnt is to never say no to any chance you get given, you never know where you might end up as result of it. Even if it doesn’t lead you anywhere, there is nothing more invaluable than an experience. That is what I intend on putting into practice once again in my final year, especially because of the pressure I feel regarding ‘what next?’ after graduation. I will miss the endless –mostly unnecessary- trips to Costa Coffee, the hours spent in the library, the rush to meet deadlines (then the overwhelming relief after submission) and the various opportunities given to us as students. I know for a fact that the friends I have made and the skills gained from different experiences will stay with me forever; for that I am grateful.


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