My Last Year in Hendon.

By Zoe Wickens

For me, it was never a case of if I go to university. It was always when I go. I was going to get in even if it physically and mentally drained me, which it did. Nobody can ever really prepare you for university; it is simply something you have to experience for yourself. I can say for definite that in my time at Middlesex I have experienced an awful lot. I’ve learnt more about Journalism and Creative Writing, honing my skills and creating a portfolio of work. I’ve learnt about friendships, those who are worth spending time with, who I can tolerate and those who actually didn’t care, in the end. I’ve also learnt about life in general, about what it is like to be an adult and function in society. I’m still learning about the latter every day and I probably will for the rest of my life.


'Spring comes to Middlesex University' © Michael Summers (Flickr)

‘Spring comes to Middlesex University’ © Michael Summers (Flickr)

I’m not what people would call outspoken, or an extrovert. I’m an introvert, spending time with myself is what I like to do. This is what people don’t understand; I need time by myself to read, write or listen to music away from other people, because sometimes I don’t want to talk to anyone else. However, when I do spend time with people, I usually surround myself with people I can learn something from. People who inspire me with their sheer determination to carry on no matter what life throws at them. People who are in the same position as me, on their way to becoming a confident journalist.

I’ve had people tell me that being an introvert means that I’d struggle as a journalist. This is not true. I do occasionally struggle to pluck up the courage to go and talk to someone but if I’m writing or reporting on an issue or event that I have taken an interest in, then I have no problem whatsoever. Since moving to London from East Sussex for university, I’ve got better at talking to people. I literally had to, everyone I knew lived two hours away. I had a feeling that going to university would change me for the better, make me more confident and it has. For this, I am eternally grateful and proud to be the person typing this out with genuinely lovely friends and a smile on my face almost every day.


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