My Last Year at Middlesex University.

By Katriye Ozguc


I’ve never really thought about how long I’ve been in education; it’s never really sprung to my mind

that we’ve been learning since the age of five although I’m not quite sure if finger painting and

afternoon naps constitutes as learning. Now soon I’ll be graduating but learning doesn’t end just

yet there’s still so much of life to digest and we will, sounds pretty exhausting and it probably is but

at the same time it’s exhilarating!


So far throughout my last year at Middlesex University I’ve contemplated applying myself to a

postgraduate degree just to stay in education a little while longer, then it suddenly dawned on me I

was flipping through all these prospectives for the wrong reasons. The whole notion of falling into

the statistics of unemployed graduates terrified me to be quiet honest. I then discovered Middlesex

University provide an Employability Service just off the quad at the Hendon Campus which gave

me some sense of relief that I’d be supported and wouldn’t be alone, Phew!


When I graduate in 2015 I believe I’ll finally feel like a real adult, no part-time retail jobs scanning

groceries robotically and definitely, well hopefully no sponging off my parents. I’ll be stepping into a

whole new world where people work nine to five and sleep till noon on the weekends.

Middlesex University by Sheppard Library

Middlesex University by Sheppard Library


I’ve got twenty weeks left of being an undergraduate, quite surreal when you think about it and as a current third year student I think it’s normal to be a little apprehensive and overwhelmed with the whole pressure of trying to quickly secure a work placement or apply to internships. I haven’t yet tackled my dissertation just yet but I think the key thing there is making sure you research into something your deeply passionate about.


To all Middlesex Students in your first and second year make your years at Middlesex memorable and make the best of every opportunity handed to you.


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